LAHORE - Different civil society organizations including International Human Rights Commission and citizen from different schools of thoughts held a candle-lit vigil in front of Punjab Assembly to express solidarity with victims of religious extremism and terrorism and to condemn violence in the name of religion.
Representatives from Centre for Human Rights Education-Pakistan, Civil Society Network-Pakistan and South Asian Columnist Council were also part of peace vigil .
Speaking on the occasion,  Chairman, International Human Rights Commission expressed his concern on the growing religious extremism and intolerance in Pakistan. He said that Talbanization was dangerous for the society. “We demand peaceful and prosperous Pakistan where every human being from any background should feel secure and live peacefully”, he observed. .
Centre for Human Rights Education’s Director Samson Salamat strongly condemned religious extremism and intolerance. He added it was the duty of the state institutions, government as a whole and political parties to adopt the ways and means to lead Pakistan towards a peaceful and tolerant society.
Mr. Abdullah Malik President of Civil Society Network-Pakistan said that dialogue with Taliban meant that Government of Pakistan had recognized the Taliban as equal power. “We condemn all types of religious extremism and attacks on the polio health workers, security personal and journalist. He further said that it is responsibility of the state to provide security of life to all citizens irrespective of religion, faith, cast, color and creed.
Other participants including Mr. Shaukat Basra, Mr. Zameer Afaqai, Dr. Semi Bukhari, Ms. Aman Malik, Mr. Irfan Ali Ansari, Mr. Rashid Bashi said that religious extremism was a big dilemma in Pakistan, but unfortunately the government had no concrete policies to deal with this situation.