Seemed like a lot of hassle for a simple cold. I was sure I had nothing that needed antibiotics or a doctor. Chicken soup and then a simple Panadol would fix me right up! As the day progressed so did my snivelling, coughing and sneezing. Did I really need a doctor? I have nothing against doctors, I think they are important for everyone except me. I know a million herbal and home-made recipes for curing all ailments. That’s right. All of them. People come to me if they have a problem. Was I, the one with the cure of all ails, now expected to visit a doctor, wait in his waiting room and pay him a thousand ruppees to tell me I had a cold? Absolutely not.

And so I lay in bed calculating how much an average GP made every day, and felt quiet satisfied with myself for not giving in. I waited for the power of my own immune system to set in. My mother always said, let a cold run for three days and then take medication. It’s not like I always did what she told me but some things just seep inside you and become a part of your daily life, a cycle of life, the passing on of love and simple lessons from a mother to her children. And so I wait. Day three almost up.