New Delhi - India on Friday asked the US not to give $860 million aid including $265 million for military hardware to Pakistan , saying all such aids go directly into anti-India activities.
"Our position on this has been made clear on a number of occasions. We believe that all such aids actually go directly into activities directed against India . It should not be given," Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said when asked about the proposed US aid of $860 million.
Earlier this week, the Obama administration proposed $860 million in aid for Pakistan , including $265 million for military hardware, which it said would help the country fight terrorists, secure nuclear weapons and improve ties with India .
While there was no mention of Pakistan in President Barack Obama's budgetary proposals, Secretary of State John Kerry in his proposals said the budget includes $859.8 million towards sustaining ties with Pakistan and making progress to "disrupt, dismantle and defeat violent extremist groups".
"The requested funding will support the country's counter- insurgency missions, and bolster stability, energy access, economic growth, and social reform," Kerry said in a letter accompanying his proposals on February 9.