LAKKI MARWAT - With the support of UNICEF and other partner organisations, the district health department has reduced the refusal cases to 360 from 3970 during the previous polio eradication campaign, claimed District Health Officer Dr Abdul Ghaffar Wazir on Friday.
Talking to a group of local journalists at his office, he said that the mass reduction in polio vaccine refusal cases was the great achievement, proving people’s especially parents willingness to immunise their children against the crippling disease.
“Local residents have now accepted the usefulness of oral polio vaccine, as the lone tool which can keep their kids safe from lifelong paralyse”, he maintained.Flanked by UNICEF representative Shadan Yoonas, Durre Nayab and Dr Irfan, the district health officer said that health department was near to the goal of polio eradication and soon the country would be made polio free. He said that inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) would be administered to the children from the next month to increase immunity among them.  
“Under a comprehensive strategy effective measures are taken to overcome challenges and issues confronted by polio workers in the field”, he added.
He said that involvement of locals in polio teams had been ensured to achieve the targets successfully.
He called upon the media persons to highlight the hazards of polio on child’s health and usefulness of oral polio vaccine besides using their pens to sensitise local communities about their role in polio eradication.