Hundreds of innocent people including women are being fleeced and hoodwinked by fraudsters by selling fake forms of Income Support Programme at Rs50 to 200.
According to a survey conducted by this correspondent scribe here on Friday, there is heavy rush at the photocopy shops and post office. The owners of photocopy shops are selling fake forms of bisp with the pictures of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif and deceiving the innocent people to send these forms through registered post to the Income Support programme office in Islamabad.
A man, who also purchased a form, told this scribe that he bought the form at Rs400 and now will send it to the bisp office to get registered for the financial aid being disbursed under the programme. When asked whether he is sure about financial assistance, he said that the person from whom he had purchased the form have “links in the bisp and that he would surely be entitled to the financial aid.” This claim shows gravity of the situation and the ignorance on the part of the common man. “How can owner of a photocopy shop can entitled anybody to get registered a person with bisp ,” questioned an official, requesting anonymity.
He said that such people are simply deceiving the innocent citizens and extorting money from them. People have demanded that the administration should take prompt action against these fraudsters to save the poor people from further frustration and misery. Local social, political and religious circles have asked the district administration and bisp administration to take notice of the public exploitation and bring all such people, deceiving public , to the book.