LAHORE - The ratio of patients with psychiatric problems is much higher in Pakistan as compare to the developed world due to the mental stress faced by the people here, said Dr Sheheryar Jovinda, Consultant Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.
According to a press release, he said that people are facing multiple problematic situations here such as poverty, physical complications, diseases and taboos are on top, causing several psychiatric complications.
Developed world has overcome many of such human issues through dialogue and awareness whereas we are still stuck in unnecessary stressful situations and this is resulting in chaos, he reiterated.
Dr Jovinda told that we have accepted depression and anxiety as part of our lives and do not take it seriously but these diseases are badly disturbing our mental and physical health andIf not taken care of, this could be immensely damaging. It is very important to know that these are diseases a psychiatrist could prescribe medicine for, he said.
He further said that cancer patients are also part of this society. Cancer not only damages the patient mentally and physically but it also affects the family, parents, children and siblings of a patient. Especially if the patient turns out to be the bread winner of the family, this could be devastating, he said.
SKMCH&RC is one of the very few hospitals in Pakistan where we have psychiatrist for cancer patients to keep them psychologically on track. He told that psychological diseases are being treated through medicine, psychiatric sessions and counseling.
In his message to the public, Dr Sheheryar emphasised to create awareness about the difference in depression and madness. We should try to live a happy life with a purpose and if even after trying, we face any problem, we should consult a psychiatrist.
Children are also prone to mental stress and depression, to keep them away from a serious psychological disease, it is very important to consult a psychiatrist without any delay, he concluded.