LAHORE (PR) - One month’s basic pay as bonus would be paid to Wapda employees and two steps upgradation of the pay scales @ 50% of their posts after ten years service and employee of dead/end cadre and had no avenue of the promotion allowed up-gradation @ 100% of their posts and other fringe benefits.
These decisions were reached between WAPDA Authority and All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA)
on Friday through long negotiations on the charter of demands served by the CBA Union. It was also agreed by WAPDA Authority to grant Rs800 per month education allowance to the children of employees going to colleges and university. The shift allowance to the security staff had also been sanctioned from Rs.600/- to Rs.900/-PM according to their pay scales. WAPDA Authority also assured that the construction of WAPDA Hospital at Islamabad would provide adequate medical facilities to the employees along with their families. WAPDA Authority had also accepted other demands of WAPDA workers in addition granting Rs5000/- PM danger allowance to the line staff working on electricity lines.
Veteran trade union leader Khurshid Ahmed, general secretary of union, and other representatives of the union thanked WAPDA Authority for accepting the genuine demands of the workers and assured that WAPDA workers would make every effort to raise productivity of the national public utility of WAPDA.