CM LOS ANGELES - Sylvester Stallone has dubbed Pilates as ‘’brutal’’ after he took on the core fitness session with his eldest daughter Sophia.

The 70-year-old actor may be used to physical exercise having taken on the famous role of fictional boxer Rocky Balboa in the ‘Rocky’ franchise, but after he joined his eldest daughter Sophia, 20, for a core fitness session on Friday he was left feeling exhausted.

Taking to Instagram, the ‘Creed’ star said in a video: ‘’For anyone who’s never tried Pilates - the name sounds cute, but it ain’t cute.’’

He then captioned the footage: ‘’Brutal! Working out with my daughter doing Pilates... Oh my God.

This is like going the distance with Clubber Lang and Drago before breakfast!! This is an amazing workout but definitely not for the faint of heart. I’ve lifted weights I have boxed, wrestled, Track and field, played football and many other sports... But this workout pushes you to the limit... And beyond! @sophiastallone (sic)’’

And Pilates isn’t the only exercise the Hollywood icon has taken an interest in either, as he recently became an investor in a new boxing studio named Rumble which opened its first location in New York City last month.

Rumble is reported to be the ‘’most anticipated group-fitness concept since SoulCycle’’ and was created by Catch co-founder Eugene Remm and entrepreneur Andy Stenzler.

Meanwhile Sophia, alongside her sisters Sistine, 18, and 14-year-old Scarlet, made history as the first women to share the Miss Golden Globe honour at the Hollywood awards ceremony last month.

The trio of siblings - who were announced as the recipients of the accolade in November - were chosen for the honour because they have each achieved ‘’success’’ in their chosen field.

Miss Golden Globe 2015 Greer Grammer said at the time: ‘’Each of the lovely young women in this triad have had success as they try to pursue their dreams. One is an art history major as USC, another is interested in fashion and a modelling career and another excels in a variety of sports and social activities.’’