At least 18 percent people in Faisalabad are suffering from Asthma which is 7th leading cause of deaths in the world.

This was disclosed in a study conducted by medical students of the University Medical & Dental College (UMDC) Faisalabad under the supervision of Professor Dr Zahid Masood Khan head department of community health.

The objective of the study was to assess the frequency of bronchial Asthma in Faisalabad.

Dr Zahid Masood who is also Chairman of the Health Committee of the Faisalabad Ultimate Lions Club told that Asthma is the most common non-communicable disease. It is a global disease caused by chronic inflammation which occurs due to release of histamine and makes the life of the patient worst if not diagnosed and treated timely.

During this study 200 people were studied from Madina Teaching Hospital, Allied Teaching Hospital and Faisal Hospital Faisalabad.

Based on signs and symptoms, the patients who had cough were 60%, patients who had wheezing were 41.6% while 77.7% patients with chest tightness were affected by shortness of breath. However the patients who had family history were only 19.4%.

The study concluded that bronchial Asthma is not common. It is multi-factorial disease and necessary preventive measures should be taken including educating the patients especially children who should avoid known allergens.