Islamabad-Digitising the health regulatory departments will help in reducing the chances of financial misappropriations and increasing their revenue for public healthcare expenditures, said an expert on Monday.

Dr Waseem Ahmed, a UK-returned technical specialist in digitisation of management systems, presented a project ‘Emerging Pakistan’ aimed at shifting paper work on digital system. He said that shifting to paperless technology would solve a number of problems the health regulatory bodies are facing currently.

He said that the developed countries had overcome the challenges in health sector by adopting the processes of digitisation and e-office management system.

He said that the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)’s shifting on digital management information system would help the doctors, pharmacists and patients to get access to relevant medicine and health experts.

Dr Waseem said that digitising the structure of health regulatory departments from procurement to registration of medicines would bring a revolution in the sector. “Digital registration of doctors with the PMDC will give access to patients sitting at home to confirm recognition and specialisation of the physicians,” he said.

Similarly, he added, medicine registration will give right to the consumer for checking the availability and original price of the medicine once entered in record. “The digitisation will close loopholes in the manual system and save millions of revenue for the national exchequer,” he said. 

The expert said that under ‘Emerging Pakistan’ project, the telemedicine system could be introduced in line with British healthcare system, connecting educational institution on primary and secondary level with the digital health system. He said that the project also aimed at utilising natural resources for better services in water and sanitation.