Rawalpindi-As many as 7 persons including a newly-wed couple died in two separate gas leakage incidents in Muree on Monday, sources said.

Police and rescuers shifted the bodies to hospitals for autopsy, they added. According to the sources, a man identified as Daud lightened a gas heater in a room to keep it warm in chilly weather and went in his bed in Dhok Jabbar Misyari in the limits of Police Station Murree.

They said that 4 more family members of Daud were also sleeping in the same room that also lacked windows for ventilation. The sources added that gas filled in the room during night as a result of which 5 members of the family died due to suffocation.  The bodies were shifted to Tehsil Headquarters (THQ)  Hospital for post-mortem where they were identified as Daud, Asiya Bibi, Hasna Bibi, Akbar Jan and Amara Bibi. In addition, a newly-wed couple died in a gas leakage incident that took place at Mohra Esswal. The deceased were identified as Shaukat and Tahzeem Bibi. According to the sources, the marriage ceremony of Shaukat and Tahzeem Bibi took place on Sunday and the couple went to sleep in their room where they switched on a gas heater for avoiding cold.

However, the couple forgot to light off the heater during night and the gas filled the room, resulting in death of the couple.

A family member told the police that the family got curious after none of the couple came out of their room despite late hours on Monday. He said that the family knocked the door several times and finally broke it after finding no response from the inside. The couple was found dead on the bed, he narrated. The bodies were shifted to THQ Hospital for autopsy.

An official in police station Murree confirmed the incidents.