ISLAMABAD - The sub-committee of PAC was informed on Tuesday that most of the departments in corporate sector do not cooperate with the audit officials.

The PAC, chaired by Shahida Akhtar Ali, ordered to submit the report mentioning the name of all departments, which do not cooperate with the audit officials.

The committee was reviewing the matter related to enhance the capacity building of the staff of the audit department, internal audit, control system of the ministries, divisions etc.

A PAC member Riaz Fatiyana came up with a novel suggestion for conducting audit of audit departments.

Another PAC member Syed Tariq Hussain, supporting the idea floated by his colleague, said that the audit of audit department should be conducted through a third-party.

PAC member from PTI Noor Alam said that there should be accountability of officers. “Is there any accountability of those officials who joined services having bicycle in his/her assets and in a short period of time started making property?,” Alam  raised a question.

On the other hand, he said, the record of politician’s furniture is even probed minutely. “Is there any legislation on this matter,” he commented.

Secretary establishment division informed that his department was conducting enquiry of over hundred officials. “FIA and NAB are also investigating some of the cases,” he said.

Reviewing the audit objections, audit officials said the departments of corporate sector were not cooperating with audit department.

In audit office, they said, officers are promoted in Grade-21 in the age of 58. Whereas other department officials are promoted in the same grade in the age of 52.

They further said pension of auditor general has been withdrawn through SRO. Audit officials have to conduct audit of large number of departments but they have no facility of conveyance as yet.

Audit officials said that they would form a separate directorate general for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). On it, PAC member Riaz Fatiyana said that there was a need to initiate audit of audit office.

Audit officials said there was backlog of 18 years, which has been reduced to six years.