ISLAMABAD - The Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) rupees component releases were very slow during first three quarters as only 35 percent of the funds have been released during the first eight months of the fiscal 2018-19.

However, the release of foreign aid component has reached 84.2 percent during the July to February period of the fiscal 2018-19, said official documents.

As per the fund release criteria during the first quarter (July to September) and second quarter (October to December) the ceiling is 20 percent each of the allocated amount. While the third and fourth quarters (from January to June) the ceiling is 30 percent of the allocated amount.

The total PSDP releases of both the local and foreign funds till February 8 was 46 percent with the release share of local component only 35.6 percent and foreign aid component 84.2 percent.

As per the documents, out of the total PSDP of Rs 675 billion, the local component is Rs 530.695 billion while the foreign component is around Rs 144.304 billion. The total releases were Rs 310.292 billion out of which the share of local component was Rs188.812 billion while the foreign aid share was Rs121.881 billion.

The total allocation during the PSDP for the FATA ten years plan (federal contribution) was Rs 10 billion however no release was made during the first 8 months. Similarly out the Rs 27 billion allocations for the federal programmes, no releases were made. Out of Rs 33.5 billion allocated for the Special Federal Development Programme and Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs) only Rs 4.8 billion or 14.4 percent were released. Similarly no release was made out of Rs 7 billion allocated for Prime Minister’s Youth & Hunarmand Programme.

For the project of security enhancement Rs 11.89 billion or 35.5 percent of the total allocations of Rs 33.5 billion was released.  

For aviation division Rs 742 million or 20.3 percent of the total allocation of 3.65 billion was released. Out of the total allocation of Rs 6.9 billion for the ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, only Rs 1.9 billion or 28 percent was released. For Water Resource Division, the total allocation was Rs 63.65 billion while only Rs 26.83 billion or 34.4 percent were released. For petroleum division, only 7 percent or Rs 32.64 million of total allocation of Rs 463.175 million was released.