KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) leader and former Sindh chief minister Mumtaz Ali Bhutto has said that the murder of Jeavy Sindh Tehreek Karachi President Irshad Ranjhani on the road in a broad daylight is the proof of Sindh government’s haplessness and negligence.

“The rulers of Sindh and their cronies are only engaged in plundering and the situation had turned so that even their police are not complying with their orders,” he said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Bhutto said that as per Sindh Chief Minister’s saying, Sindh police is not complying their orders and showing its own wills. This has now been proved that Sindh government is mere burden on national exchequer, said Bhutto.

The former Sindh chief minister said that the people of Sindh had now turned hapless, so they should not pin any hope in the government. The system of plundering and Might is Right has been running here, he added.

He said that influential people of Sindh had transferred billions of rupees aboard through fake accounts and despite it, plundering system was running in full swing while the government had adopted lull. Time has come for people to be aware of such situation; otherwise, they will face trouble on their own.

He said that since 11 years, the rulers of Sindh could even not cleanse the streets of villages and towns of Sindh.