ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party Tuesday alleged that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government was acting like International Monetary Fund’s ‘ambassador.’

Speaking at a news conference here along with Palwasha Khan and others, PPP leader Nafisa Shah reminded that Prime Minister Imran Khan had claimed to commit suicide rather than going to the IMF but he had now become their spokesperson.

“The government has become IMF’s ambassador. This is a huge U-turn as only months earlier Imran Khan hated seeking loans from IMF or anyone else,” she said.

This week, finance minister Asad Umar said his country had “come very close to having an agreement with the IMF” following talks on a multibillion support package between Prime Minister Imran Khan and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde in Dubai.

Nafisa Shah said Imran Khan had become the champion of U-turns within the seven months of the PTI rule.

“This government has taken record loans within seven months. They have backtracked on every promise. They have miserably failed,” she said.

Shah said that the loans and economic packages by different countries will not solve the country’s economic crisis. “The government has to make a policy and they have failed to do so. The foreign policy too is a failure,” she added.

She said the PPP was concerned at the arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings and curbs on civil rights, and on freedom of expression and association under the watch of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ‘Gestapo’ police.

The PPP lawmaker said the random arrest of politicians including the leader of opposition was a denial of basic rights.

“They are only providing amnesty to Imran Khan’s family and friends. The agenda is to crush the opposition,” she said.

Palwasha Khan said Imran Khan was the chief supporter of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf’s referendum. “It’s strange that Imran Khan is now moving to his Bani Gala house from the PM’s House. What message is he trying to convey,” she questioned.

She said the government was even considering usage of Sui gas as a luxury. “Does the PM use firewood at home? The people are upset with this bizarre change,” she added.

The PPP leader said the government had even made the future of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s future doubtful. “Where is the foreign policy being made. What’s the future of CPEC. Imran Khan should come to the parliament and answer these questions,” she asserted.

Palwasha Khan said the economic crisis had even broken Russia, which was previously a super power. “We dearly need political and economic stability. This government is pushing the country towards a chaos,” she maintained.