As Aam Admi Party(AAP) of Kejriwal swept through Delhi and virtually repeated the performance of last elections, the RSS cabal must be looking inwards as to what happened with the BJP absurd campaign of hate mongering and ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Wikaas’(All together for a better future).

What was the main cause of defeat of BJP? Was it the hate politics, the vote for good governance of a new brand of middle class leadership, Shaheen Bagh, NRC/CAA, political maturity of people of Delhi or the power of united vote of 13% Muslims?

We think it was all of the above.

Unfortunately, BJP leadership and the MAD(Modi-Amit-Doval) circus has pushed India into an unchartered territory of politics based on exclusion and hate. As described by Jawid Laiq in the Wire Magazine, the BJP, with its huge army of sevaks, MPs and top leaders – including the prime minister, the Union home minister and Uttar Pradesh chief minister – tried every trick in their book to woo the voters of Delhi but ultimately failed. During its election campaign, venomous false canards were widely spread by the BJP.

The Union minister of state for finance ignored the impending Budget and instead instigated crowds at an election rally to scream about shooting traitors. Another BJP leader warned that the election was a war between India and Pakistan. One BJP MP even suggested that the mostly women protestors of Shaheen Bagh would burst out to “rape” sisters and daughters in Hindu localities.

Recalling the slogans raised by BJP leaders and Sanghis; which were especially coined to raise the communal temperature in the Capital of India, we thought of highlighting important ones.

Few days back, the young BJP MP Tejasvi Surya had said that “Mughal rule” was not far away unless majority (Hindus) remains vigilant: Similarly; the Sanghis frequently raised slogans like Desh Kay Ghadaron ko,goli Maro Salon ko and Kejrival is a terrorist.

Earlier, India Today had reported that BJP leader Kapil Mishra in a tweet said that “India and Pakistan will compete on the streets of Delhi on February the 8th”. On the last day of the campaign, Home Minister Amit Shah took out three roadshow at Seelampur in northeast Delhi, and Hari Nagar and Madipur in west Delhi. Amit Shah alleged the anti-CAA protest at Shaheen Bagh was a “joint venture” of the AAP and the Congress and claimed the “tukde-tukde gang” would get a “shock” when the election results are declared.

Addressing three roadshows, he asserted that the BJP would emerge victorious in the elections as people will vote for country’s security (against Pakistan), development and good governance.

While protests against the discriminatory laws like NRC and CAA spread across India, three arenas became symbolic, Jammia Millia Islamic University, Aligarh Muslim University and Shaheen Bagh. BJP and RSS Sanghis tried their level best to target these protests through coercion, fear mongering and communal posturing to discredit these protests. Administratively; Delhi police comes under Amit Shah’s Ministry of Interior, BJP used brute force of police and paramilitary forces to target Muslim community, especially students of Jammia and Aligarh Muslim University.

Despite BJP’s highhandedness and brutal use of force combined with coercion by RSS ‘karsevaks’, the entire campaign of hate boomeranged on the face of Amit Shah and AAP was able to comprehensively defeat the BJP. Ironically the liberal media in India is asking some sharp questions from BJP leaders:

Has Pakistan defeated the BJP? Has the Mughal rule returned to Delhi and is Kejrival still a terrorist?

While BJP may be licking her wounds and Modi preparing for forthcoming visit of President Trump with a drooping face, where does India go from here?

Many analyst believe that BJP had turned this Delhi state election into a National (Rashtra) contest by bringing in communalism, majoritarianism and security(Pakistan) into election campaign. AAP, on the contrary, focused on show casing its past performance and governance, especially health, education, women safety, public amenities and taking a firm stand against politics of hate. AAP grass root cadre and middle class leaders like Atishi Marlena and Amanatullah Khan had quietly done their job, without any pomp and show and succeeded in mobilizing the voter across the faith, class and gender to come out and stamp out BJP.

Since BJP deliberately chose to make it a National(Rashtra) contest, Delhi polls will have long term repercussions. Jawid Laiq states that in the past couple of years, the largely Hindu voters of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand have rejected the communal campaigns of the BJP during state elections and have thrown it out of power. In the Haryana and Gujarat state elections, the number of BJP’s seats were significantly reduced, though the party managed to remain in power. Uttar Pradesh was the main exception, where the BJP won a clear majority in the 2017 state election.

Times of India assessment in Dec 2019 had pointed to fallout of CAA and NRC on state elections in 2020-21. It had projected that Delhi and Bihar in 2020 and Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal in 2021 will test BJP’s politics. Of all these seven states, those which are likely to be impacted by CAA are Delhi, West Bengal and Assam because these three states are inhabited by a large number of immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh - the three countries covered under CAA.

If Delhi is a trend setter than BJP is in for a major challenge. An important outcome of these elections is the rout of Congress from Delhi, they could not win a single seat, this may embolden AAP to expand his space in next Lok Sabha elections and become a challenger to Modi’s cult.

Indian economy is in bad shape and Modi’s blunders like demonetization and GST have broken the back of Indian poor and middle class, the corporate India comprising of fake tycoons in cahoots with BJP leaders have extensively damaged the economy. Ex Finance Minister from Congress Mr P Chidambaram in a speech in Rajya Sabah, compared Indian Economy to a patient in critical condition, not even admitted in ICU and being treated by fake doctors.

All told, the people of India appear to be getting fed up and exhausted by hate politics of BJP and inept handling of economy, may be, the Delhi Elections will act as a catalyst to gradually push back the juggernaut of BJP.