LAHORE          -        Japanese Consular Ryuji Iwasaki on Wednesday visited Lahore Arts Council. During the visit, the Japanese Consular met with Executive Director Alhamra Athar Ali Khan and discussed cultural issues. He visited ‘Artist Association Exhibition’ at Alhamra Art Gallery and praised the artworks of Pakistani artists. He said that both the countries enjoyed good relationship.

Ryuji Iwasaki appreciated the Arts Council for the promotion of art and culture and said that Alhamra was strengthening its literary-cultural relationship with the entire world which was really remarkable. 

Ather Ali Khan said that Lahore Arts Council was arranging events to showcase the cultural diversity of different countries. He said that Alhamra would improve cultural ties with institutions in Japan that would ultimately help boosting bilateral relationship.

He said that it was the key objective of the Lahore Arts Council to show “Pakistan’s colorful culture and wonderful traditions to the whole world and make the world believe that Pakistan is the great place to visit”. He presented souvenir and books relating to artwork to the Japanese diplomat.