Rawalpindi-A woman who obtained divorce from her husband through a court and contracted second marriage to another man as per Islamic laws has been made the subject of a fatwa by two local clerics ordering villagers for social boycott of the lady and her family in Dhoke Ler, Dakhli Thoha Mehram at Tehsil Talagang.

The victim lady identified as Suman Rehman daughter of Fazal ur Rehman has filed a petition with an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi against some seven persons including two clerics and her ex-husband for not accepting her marriage dissolution decree by a court and issuing a fatwa against her, her family, second husband and in-laws.

The petition was submitted under sections 9 Anti Terrorism Act and 295-A of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) with Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Number 1 Special Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar who also summoned three witnesses for hearing in the case, informed Malik Nadim Akram Awan Advocate, the counsel for the petitioner, while talking to The Nation on Wednesday.

The Nation owns the copy of the petition and other relevant documents.

The respondents in the petition were Qari Muhammad Shafique, cleric/prayer leader at Mosque Faqeer Ghulam Habib, Jamil Ur Rehman Affa Ullah, Incharge Darul Fatah, Jamia Arabia, Izhar Ul Islam, Chakwal, Ashiq Hussain, Zawar Hussain, Zulfiqar, Muhammad Riaz, Ghulam Qadeer (ex-hubby of woman) and Ghulam Qamar, he said.

According to him, her client Suman Rehman submitted a plaintiff with ATC No 1 stating she belonged to a noble and respectable family and her Nikkah was performed with a man namely Ghulam Qadeer on 12/4/2018 but “Rukhsati” could not be perform at that time.

She argued differences developed between her and hubby later on and she moved a marriage dissolution petition on 2/2/2019 with a court of law.

The plaintiff told the court Family Court Judge Talagang Malik Sher Afzal issued a marriage dissolution decree in her favour on 27/3/2019. The lady added she performed Nikkah with a man Safdar Mehmood on 21/9/2019 after completing “Idat” and as per Shariah laws.

“My act had provoked the ire of ex-husband Qadeer who approached cleric/prayer leader Qari Muhammad Shafique. The cleric made announcement on loudspeaker during Friday prayer ordering a social boycott against Ms Sumon,” the plaintiff mentioned.

“Since Ms Suman got divorced through a court decree, we don’t accept the orders (marriage dissolution decree of court). All the Muslim should do social boycott of Suman, her parents and in-laws immediately and also not allow any of them to offer prayer in any mosque in the area. No one is allowed to offer Nimaz-e-Janaza (funeral procession) of her and her parents nor they are allowed to attend funeral procession of any Muslim,” she added in the petition quoting the cleric. The lady added in this regard the respondent Jamil Ur Rehman Affa Ullah, Incharge Darul Fatah, Jamia Arabia, Izhar Ul Islam, Chakwal also issued a fatwa while declaring her “sinful” and ordering social boycott of her and her relatives.

She told court she along with her husband visited the clerics and showed the court decree but they refused to accept the decree saying “We don’t accept any law and court rather we have our own Shariah and law.”

The lady also made a shocking revelation in the petition that her cousin died on 3/2/2020 but the villagers had not attend the funeral prayers of the deceased due to fatwa issued by clerics. “The dead body of my cousin remained unattended for many hours as no cleric was ready to offer Nimaz-e-Janaza of him. Hardly, the family could arrange a cleric from nearby village who offered funeral prayer of her cousin and the dead body was laid to rest in a graveyard,” she added.

She prayed to the court her family and in-laws have been facing mental agony and even life threats because of issuance of this fatwa. Neither, we could move freely in area nor perform daily routine work, she said. She pleaded the court to initiate legal action against the respondents and to provide her with protection and justice.

ATC No 1 Special Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar will take up the matter today (Thursday) as he summoned the three witnesses for hearing, said Malik Nadim Akram Awan.