NEW DELHI (Agencies) - India plans to break off business, transport and tourist links with Pakistan and isolate it from the rest of the world if it fails to help to investigate the Mumbai terrorist attacks, Indian Home Minister Chidambaram told The Times on Monday. Speaking in an interview that will raise the temperature further between the two countries, Palaniappan Chidambaram accused Pakistan of doing nothing to assist India bring to justice the perpetrators of the attacks on the country's financial capital, which killed 165 people between November 26 and 29. Asked what Pakistan was doing to help with the investigation, in which India handed over a dossier of evidence to its neighbour last week, Chidambaram said: "Zero. What have they provided? Nothing." The minister - who will brief David Miliband on the investigation's progress in Delhi - gave an indication of action that would be taken if Pakistan continued to refuse to investigate the attacks, blamed by India on militants with links to the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI). "There are many, many links between India and Pakistan, and if Pakistan does not cooperate and does not help to bring the perpetrators to heel, those ties will become weaker and weaker and one day snap," he said. "Why would we entertain Pakistani business people? Why would we entertain tourists in India? Why would we send tourists there?" Chidambaram refused to discuss when such measures might be introduced, but said: "We need co-operation soon." Yousuf Raza Gilani, the Pakistani Prime Minister, further infuriated the Indian Government by carrying out interviews saying that the attacks were related to the disputed territory of Kashmir. "Gilani is living in a world of his own if he brings Kashmir into this," a senior Indian government source told The Times. "The simple fact is that Pakistan is a failing, but not yet a failed state. That is what he needs to address." Meanwhile, Indian Air Force IAF Chief, Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major said on Monday that IAF was prepared to meet any eventuality. He was talking to the newsmen during his visit to National Cadet Corps camp in New Delhi regarding India's war preparedness in the wake of recent Mumbai attacks. Air Chief said his force was ready for all options. "Air Force has its plans ready at all times irrespective of the situation. So there is no reason to think. We have always been ready. We will always be ready for all options that the country exercises," he said. Allaying fears of a war with Pakistan, a top Indian army officer on Monday said there was presently no signs of a "war cloud" in the border regions. "I see no war cloud in the Indo-Pak border regions," General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Army's Central Command Lt-Gen JK Mohanty said in Bhubaneswar. India always wanted a friendly relation with its neighbours, but it was 200 per cent ready to deal with any situation if they cross the limit, he said. When asked about the reported troop mobilisation by Pakistan after the November 26, 2008 strikes, Mohanty said India was hardly bothered about such an exercise. "India will pay back in the same coin, or even in a more meaningful way if Pakistan dares attack us," he said. Stating that Pakistan had been isolated across the globe following the 26/11 incident, he said the neighbouring country would never dare to launch attack. "We are sure Pakistan will never repeat the same mistake it did earlier." Lt-Gen Mohanty's statement came a day after Air Chief Marshal FH Major said the forces were ready to meet any eventuality.