RAWALPINDI - Al-Shifa Trust Monday launched a major project "Light House" to help the people with incurable visual loss. This will enable people with low vision and blindness to enjoy safe, independent and productive lives. President Al-Shifa Trust Lt Gen (Retd) Jahan Dad Khan informed this while briefing the media men. He said that five million people in Pakistan suffer from low vision and for these the only way forward is to maximise their residual vision potential by special devices and counselling at different level. Jahan Dad khan said that however lack of infrastructure, lack of trained skilful staff and paucity of funds for such type of services in Pakistan has been the stumbling block and Al-Shifa, despite its limited resources was the first in Pakistan to establish a low vision centre back in 1994 and then it pioneered the establishment of over a dozen such centres all over Pakistan by providing the trained professionals. "Now Al-Shifa has introduced in Pakistan the concept of Light House to cater for all the needs of visually disabled persons under one roof; to provide latest facilities for reading, writing, telecommunication, to provide facilities for different age groups and to cater for occupational needs of people with low vision or no vision," he added. He continued that under the project latest computerised facilities for reading, writing, computing, electronic mailing and occupational counselling have been set up and separate sections - Senior Corner for elderly low vision patients, Junior Corner for young clients with low vision and a Rehab corner for people with low vision enabling them to carry out activities of daily living are also now in place. He said that two corners have been set up that included Senior Corner and Junior Corner. The facilities in the senior corner for elderly with low vision include in-home need assessments and low vision examination, and introduction of safe, new ways to cook and to take care of home by providing special tools like custom made utensils, magnifying lamps etc besides desktop electronic video magnifiers are available to help visually impaired individuals read the newspaper, manage their finances, and lead productive lives through mainstream employment and enjoy hobbies The facilities in the Junior Corner for young clients with low vision include a Parent Center which will be helping them to understand the problems of their children with low vision. Special electronic and TV magnifiers along with simulators are available for pursuing studies unhindered despite vision handicap. Special computer software is available which helps in magnifying everything on computer screen and helps the youngsters to do their learning through cyber technology and a play and entertainment corner with special gadgets for children with low vision. He said that besides these two corners a Rehabilitation Corner in which a wide range of educational, social, recreational, job training experiences are offered to help youngster s with low vision enter into practical world with confidence.