LAHORE - Fast bowler Mohammad Asif cannot enter United Arab Emirates for a minimum of 25 years for carrying banned drug in his wallet that led him behind bars last year. According to information received here, Asif was released on the directions of the UAE royal family on the request of the PCB officials. Asif was caught at the Dubai airport for carrying 0.25 grams of opium and was sent behind the bars. He remained in prison for 19 days before the PCB moved all of its resources to ensure his release. Now Asif would be 50 years plus when he would be allowed to enter UAE again. "It is a 25-year-ban I had recommended for him for carrying drug," Shakir Hashim Al Darmakl, the Senior Public Prosecutor (Khalifa) in Dubai was quoted by a website. Moreover, Asif's eyes were also scanned before his deportation. After the scan of his eyes, Asif won't be able to enter UAE with any other passport and that means that he cannot play in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. That might have been lifted but in Asif's case, he was charged under drugs trafficking law, which was further made strict through an amendment. Former director HR Nadeem Akram said that Asif was not even touched by the police in UAE and neither was he slapped any official. Akram was specially sent to UAE for his early release.