The war on Hezbollah in 2006 and now the war on Hamas have proved "the ability of the weak to take up arms against the strong, contain aggression and win the war." The two elements, i.e., men and missiles have played the pivotal role in deciding the fate of these wars. The war on Hezbollah is fresh in our memory, yet the Israelis, failed to learn the lesson and repeated the mistake in their war on Hamas. Israel made great deal of preparations to wage war against Hamas. As the first step they ensured complete economic siege of Gaza; won-over the sympathy of PLO and the secular Arab countries, such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Thus, Hamas became "the current Satan and PLO almost a branch of the Zionist organisation," and in collusion with the United States of America, prepared the ground for assault on Hamas. A recent article by Gareth Peter, titled Bush Plan Eliminated Obstacle to Gaza Assault, in Huffington Post January 5, 2009, exposes the conspiracy behind this war and the objective to be achieved: "Dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism, liquidate Hamas rule in Gaza and establish law and order." Whereas, the undeclared objectives are: ? To avenge the defeat of war with Hezbollah. ? Destroy the life-supporting infrastructure in Gaza to induce total anarchy with population uprising to over throw the regime. ? Liquidate Hamas rule and throw Gaza into the arms of Egypt and subject the West Bank to perpetual domination of Israel. ? To offer the gift of victory to Bush in his last days in the White House - January 20, 2009. ? To gain political advantage for the Israeli government for the forthcoming elections on February 10, 2009. Despite the fact that the Israeli government endlessly repeated on all the news programmes and talk shows, not to repeat the mistakes of Lebanon war 2006, yet, this did not change the fact: the Gaza war is almost exact replica of 2006 Lebanon war, and therefore, what we are witnessing today is defeat, staring in the face of the Israeli army, whereas the real engagement with the hard core Hamas fighters has yet to begin. The three dimensional assault by the Israeli armed forces has continued for over two weeks now. Aerial bombardment combined with naval and field artillery bombardment has destroyed the entire life-supporting infrastructure, causing more than 950 civilian deaths including over 100 children. After such ruthless massacre, the assaulting Israeli infantry, supported by tanks, heavy artillery and air cover, attempted to close up with the built-in fortified positions of Hamas, but suffered casualties and were forced to withdraw and found it safe to deploy at a distance from the built up areas. The Gaza strip was further divided and the assaulting troops once again tried to break through the defences, but again were beaten back by Hamas fighters, inflicting heavy casualties. Now for the last ten days, the Israeli infantry, supported by tanks is operating only on the peripheries, while, the heavy weapons and aircrafts continue to pound selected targets, including UN-run schools, causing more death and destruction, with such brutal display of inhumanism. Despite such shameful defeat, the Israelis, continue to follow their Six Days War hero, Moshe Dayans' theory, that "the Jewish problem can be solved only through dash and ferocity, rather than by the traditional Jewish virtues of subtlety and patience." (Geoffrey Wheat craft). Thus, the Israel assault has been contained and their objective of "liquidating Hammas rule, has evaporated in thin air." Hamas has emerged stronger and the range of their rockets (Qassams) has also become longer, with demoralising effect on the Israeli population. Their business has shut down and factories are locked-up, forcing the government to seek ceasefire, voted 14-0, by the UN Secretary Council, with USA abstaining. But the ceasefire has yet not been implemented by the opposing forces, while time is running-out for Israel to seek a face-saving mechanism before January 20, 2009. No wonder, the Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai told public radio: "Thus it would seem that we are close to ending the ground operation and ending the operation altogether." Israel desired "to change the equation in Gaza because terror cannot win and this was no longer to be the equation" - Tripi Livini. Yet the equation could not be changed, because Hamas having contained Israeli attack, has reaffirmed their right of democratic victory of elections 2006, denied to them through Israel-PLO manipulations, leading to deadly confrontation between Fatah and Hamas, something Condoleezza Rice appreciated: "How much I like this violence, because it means that Palestinians are resisting Hamas," and she hoped that both would destroy each other. Hamas resistance and their victory will mark a major shift in PLO-Hamas relationship towards Palestinians unity, "together resisting Israel colonialism and the legitimacy of a racial European Colonial settlement in the region." This change will also legitimise a significant Iranians role. Obama also has to learn the "bitter lesson" of this war that "extreme military asymmetry is more suggestive of massacre" which can be carried out systematically but "it is the ability of the weak to give a check to such brutality and turn the table on the aggressor." Khalid Mishal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, declares: "Our modest home made rockets are our cry of protests to the world. Israel and its American and European sponsors want us to be killed in silence. But die in silence we will not. We will not be broken by siege and bombardment and will never surrender to occupation." The combination of "men and missiles" won the war for Hezbollah in 2006 and now is winning the war for Hamas, yet, elsewhere, in Iraq and Afghanistan, only "Men-the committed believers," won the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan; against the Americans in Iraq and have check mated the combined military might of the European Union and the Americans in Afghanistan. It is time, now, to ponder, whether, these are really terrorists, who remain undefeated or they are freedom fighters, who since 1980, beginning with the Soviet aggression, have defeated the mightiest of the mighty, establishing a new global power equation. It is a unique phenomenon, which needs to be understood. It is not the war between radical Islam and the rest of the so-called civilised world, rather, a phenomenon of social change, the movement of history, where the fettered and the oppressed are claiming their right to be free. They are more 'civilised' than those who sheepishly surrender, which is 'cowardice' and a disgraceful disposition. Terrorists are pathological and fall into a different category. They must not be equated with the 'freedom lovers'. A Chinese philosopher suggests: "Never take-on the revolutionaries unless you have an ideology, stronger than the ideology of the revolutionaries." With this truism in mind the world has to find peace with the believers/revolutionaries/extremists or whatever one may like to call them. Obama may have found the truth, now preparing to talk to Hamas. He is moving in the right direction, unless the war-mongers force him to change the course. He has a tryst with history that, a "black president has a bright heart and has delivered peace to the much fractured world," which George Bush with his brutish temperament has caused during his era of crime and violence, multiplying extremism as a radical philosophy of the revenge of the oppressed and humiliated. If peace comes to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Kashmir, and Muslims are not degraded and condemned for their faith and ideology, USA's image as a global leader shall reemerge and cultural harmony shall become the hallmark of civilised existence, and Bush would become a symbol of dark force to be despised and condemned. Samuel Johson had rightly said: "It matters not how a man dies but how he lives." George Bush lived an awfully bad presidency. The writer is a former chief of army staff E-mail: