KARACHI - The year-on-year CPI inflation has increased by 24.43 percent during the first six months of current financial year (Jul-Dec FY09), indicating that despite slowdown in international commodity prices, domestic inflationary pressures remain intact and high. CPI (consumer rice index) reached 8.01 percent in the corresponding period of last year (Jul-Dec FY08. In H1-FY09 SPI and WPI inflation surged by 30.96 percent and 27.98 percent respectively as against 11.03 percent and 10.26 percent of same period of previous fiscal. The FBS reported on Monday that in the month of December 2008 CPI inflation up by 23.34 percent as compared to 8.79 percent while SPI and WPI went to 25.76 percent and 17.57 percent over 11.77 percent and 12.14 percent in the first six months of FY08. CPI, SPI and WPI in December, 2008 decreased by 0.50 percent, 1.69 percent and 1.97 percent respectively, over the previous month this year (November 2008).