Recently, the Pakistani print and electronic media was full of news regarding Mehmud Ali Durrani's expulsion. Was it on account of a mutually destructive alliance or a simple stupid act? The PM's office declared Durrani's recent statements as irresponsible. This created a difficult situation for the government internally and globally, especially in the West. Durrani,on the other hand, claimed that he only disclosed that Kasab was a Pakistani national after the statements were issued by various ministries. Sherry Rehman who has been awarded the title of Democracy's Hero by the International Republican Institute simply confirmed this. The only reason, which is apparent, is perhaps the lack of collective responsibility of the Cabinet that under the law lies on the shoulder of the chief executive " the prime minister. Its members are not supposed to issue statements without prior approval of the PM. or Cabinet, on the whole. Durrani was promoted by General Ziaul Haq who called him home from Washington where he had been working as a military attach in the Pakistani Embassy. It is said that he is the one who persuaded Zia to visit Multan and Bahawalpur where the then president died in an air explosion. The step taken by the PM in showing the door to Durrani has serious repercussions: Firstly, it reflects a rift between the two elected offices of president and prime minister. Secondly, surfacing of a wide gulf between the ruling classes. Thirdly, it is giving a powerful hand to India which has already been able to isolate Pakistan. It is going to use the present situation with full leverage to pressurise Pakistan to abandon the Kashmir issue. India has come out with strong statements threatening to use all options available against Pakistan. However, PM Gilani has protested against PM Manmohan Singh's statements remarking them as "most unfortunate." Therefore, nothing less than unity is needed and we have to play our cards very carefully. We just need to follow what our Founding Father had advised: "Unity, Faith and Discipline" and the future will be yours. The writer is a former federal minister