ISLAMABAD (APP)- Despite the harsh fact that renowned poet Ahmed Faraz has left this world on August 25, but he is still alive in thoughts of thousands of his lovers around the globe, speakers said here on Monday. These views were expressed at the launching ceremony of "Mah-e-Tamam"; containing the literary collections about eminent poet under auspices of Directorate of Film Publications. Speaking on the occasion, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan said that Ahmed Faraz was alive in memories of his fans and friends as he was not a personality which could be forgotten easily. Faraz had devoted his all life the struggle for democracy in the country and always raised voice against dictatorships. He went to jail and suffered tortures in struggle for supremacy of the Constitution but never bowed before any dictator. "I feel proud to share that Faraz participated in the lawyers' long march despite illness in 78th year of his life and was amongst us till dawn....It really encouraged and inspired us for struggle for restoration of democracy," he added. He was not a conventional poet but had wonderful sense of humour, he was life of the gatherings and spread laughters with his quick witted nature, Ahsan added. Ahsan said Ahmed Faraz knew the art of literary diversity, so he always used same words in versatile forms, thus adding to beauty of the poetry beside exploring new avenues towards treasures of thought and imagination. Human Rights Activist and Intellectual, R.A Rehman said that Faraz had pluralistic approach to the humanity and as a democratic worker Faraz utilised all his available time and writing skills to bring change in society.He believed in democracy and human equality and did tremendous work with no aspirations for perks and privileges, Rehman said. The creations of Faraz depict pain of human beings without religious or ethnic discrimination. He was above the geographical boundaries and never confined himself to specific ethnic group. Rather he spoke for all the people of mother earth and translated their pains and dreams in heart touching lyrics. Despite this global approach, Faraz always remained stick to his national identity and promoted faith, culture and customs in his verses. "Faraz struggled to free people from fear and was flag bearer of democracy like Faiz and Habib Jalib," Rehman said, adding that the poet had equal recognition in the hearts of young generation due to his romantic ballads. The big challenge for a poet is to seek the recognition but we never witnessed Faraz concerned for recognition or searching people to listen his lyrics, said Barrister Masood Kausar, brother of the late poet. He said Faraz was very much inspired from their father, who was also a tri- lingual poet and composed verses Pashto, Persian and Urdu. "Faraz was from our family, but his literary creations and legacy is asset of all the Pakistani nation and lovers of Urdu literature all around the world," Kausar remarked. He said Faraz had multi-dimensional personality, he had creative mind and an ambitious and vivacious heart, so he lived young till his last year of life and never gave up the smiles. Earlier, Sajida Iqbal; Director General of the Directorate of Film Publications, said that she had special attachment with the great poet as he was from her mentors in world of the literature.Faraz uncle, she said, was a charismatic and charming person, who inspiredand encouraged many youngsters. Referring to gold medal received from Faraz during study years, she said it was a matter of great pleasure for her that such a legendary figure felicitated her and wished a happy future. "We preferred to organize this book launching event on birthday of Faraz instead of death anniversary because Faraz is alive and Faraz should not be mourned but celebrated," she added. Meanwhile, Dr Asia Sidika, Shabnam Shakil, Manshayat, Hassan Raza and others also paid tributes to the legendary poet and lauded the work of DFP for collection material about Ahmad Faraz.