WHILE Golden Globes fever gripped Hollywood over the weekend, Nicole Kidman traded the glitz and glamour of the red carpet for family time in Nashville, Tennessee. She was spotted out and about with her six-month-old daughter Sunday, who was bundled up in a yellow baby-grow suit and pink cap. The actress is laying low after recently admitting she couldn't bare facing criticism over her role Baz Luhrmann's Australia, which failed to impress audiences despite a 50 million budget. In an astonishingly candid interview with Australian radio station 2dayFM last week, she revealed she 'squirmed' in her seat throughout the film's Sydney premiere. The 41-year-old, who attended the premiere with country singer husband Keith Urban, said: 'I can't look at this movie and be proud of what I've done. 'I sat there and I looked at Keith and went "Am I any good in this movie?" 'But I thought Brandon Walters (an 11-year-old Aboriginal boy) and Hugh Jackman were wonderful. She fled Australia as soon as the premiere was over and has since bunkered down at the couple's country home in Nashville. 'We ran because I didn't want to read anything. I didn't want to know. 'I saw my sister and my family and we saw Keith's family and then we were straight on a plane.' The star has no immediate projects lined up, aside from motherhood, that is. She has said: 'I haven't ready a script in a long time. If something great comes my way then absolutely I'll do it, but it's got to give me butterflies.' - Daily Mail