RAWALPINDI - The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) on Monday held a protest rally to condemn the Israeli brutalities in Gaza Strip, which killed hundreds of innocent Palestinians and to show solidarity with their Muslim brothers here at Benazir Bhutto Road. The rally was jointly led by Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and PML-N Central Secretary Information Ahsan Iqbal while participated by MNAs Hanif Abbasi, Haji Pervaiz Khan, Malik Abrar, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Anjum Aqeel Khan, Sheikh Aftab and MPAs Malik Yasir Raza, Ch Ayaz, Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal and hundreds of workers. However, Senior Federal Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, after leading the rally left for Islamabad without making speech due to other engagements. The participants of the rally, while holding party flags, portraits of their beloved Quaid Nawaz Sharif, placards, banners and posters inscribed slogans against Israel and America chanted slogans "Tere Mera Rishta Kia La Illaha Illilah" and "Amercia Ka Jo Yar Hai Gaddar Hai". The whole Benazir Bhutto Road was also decorated with banners inscribed slogans against Isreal and America. Meanwhile, a large number of woman workers of PML-N gathered at Rawalpindi Islamabad Press Club and later participated in the rally. The rally was commenced at Rialto Chowk and concluded at Committee Chowk where it has changed into public meeting. On this occasion, extra security arrangements were made by deploying personnel of law enforcement agencies both in plain clothes and in uniform to avoid any untoward incident. PML-N Secretary Information Ahsan Iqbal, while addressing the rally said that Israel is slaughtering the innocent Palestinians in Gaza and Pakistan should play its leading role and should convene the session of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to halt the bombing in Gaza. "How we can say United Nations to implement its resolutions whereas government in Pakistan could not implement the resolution passed by Parliament of the country" he lamented. He demanded that the decisions made by the Parliament unanimously during in-camera joint session must be realised soon Ahsan also condemned the Israeli barbarianism in strong words and termed the mysterious silence of the international community especially rulers of 58 Islamic countries out of logic on the Israeli aggression and nastiness on helpless Muslims. He said that to eradicate terrorism and to sustain peace in the world, international community should shun the double standards. Commenting on Pak-Indo tension, Ahsan Iqbal said that India was taking political advantage of the Mumbai carnage to attract the new US administration. "India could not dare to attack on the country only due to nuclear deterrence of Pakistan given by Mian Nawaz Sharif" he stated The other leaders of PML-N urged the Muslim Ummah to forge unity among their ranks to counter the enemy as well as to face the challenges. They also called government to adopt firm stance on the Philistine's issue by leaving behind the weak policies. They said that if the rulers of Islamic world would not put their direction on right path, the anti Islamic powers would continue to exploit the Muslim countries one after another.