LAHORE - The PML-N has put up yet another dismal show organised here on Monday with much funfair to support the cause of the Palestinians against Israeli aggression in Gaza. The thin attendance, not more than 2000, exposed the towering claims of party leadership. Party leadership had to drop the rally from the agitational programme prepared days before on the directives of Mian Nawaz Sharif when they found crowd too thin. Rally was to be taken out from the GPO Chowk to the Punjab Assembly. However, to avert public criticism and taunt, instead of abandoning the programme, rally was converted into a public meeting staged inside Punjab Assembly building. The venue itself suggests the number of people turned up on this occasion. For onlooker the show was disappointing when the PML(N) boasts Lahore as its political fort. Though there was a good number of PML-N's MNAs and MPAs in the protest show, the turn out of people and party workers remained at its lowest point. PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif announced to hold protest rallies in all party provincial headquarters one week back. He ordered party office bearers and parliamentarians, especially ministers for mobilising the party activist to turn up in a big number on the occasion. With a view to create sizeable impact, he also asked civil society, human right organisations, labour unions and other people belong to different spheres of life to ensure their participation in the rally. However, despite all the calls and efforts, only less than 2000 people could make it on the given day. Already PML-N chief showed his utter displeasure over the party leaders for failure to stage protest on the days of court hearing of disqualification case in the Supreme Court. Political analysts said "these are the occasion when a political party has to prove its political strength. If a party, claiming to be public puller, fails to gather the public, even its own workers, it means it has no roots among masses. "PML-N calls Lahore its stronghold. Out of total MNAs, 12 belong to PML-N. Party main offices are located in Lahore. Sharifs' residence is also present in Lahore. While most of all, PML-N has its government in Punjab." If with all these things, PML-N could not stage an appealing show, specially when call is given by leadership, then what will be its future," they added. People also criticised PML-N leaders for a failed show. PML-N held a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza strip and massacre of innocent Palestinians on the premises of Punjab Assembly. Participants of rally strongly condemned the brutal Israeli attacks where hundreds of innocent Muslims had been killed by the attacks. They were calling upon the Muslim world and the Organization of Islamic Country (OIC) to launch a movement to free the Holy Land from unlawful occupation. Addressing on the occasion, PML-N leaders Sardar Zulficar Ali Khosa, Saad Rafiq and Hamza Shahbaz, condemned the aggression of Israel, India and United States (US) against the Muslim world. Charged protestors were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans against Israel and US. The participants were chanting slogans against Israel and America. They condemned over atrocities being committed against innocent citizens of Palestine. They said Israel had committed state terrorism against innocent civilians including women and children in Palestine. The committee condemned the double standards adopted by countries that issue statements condemning terrorism, but were silent on the issue of 'Israeli state-sponsored terrorism'. They asked Pakistan to play its effective role in the issue. "There must be coordination with human rights groups, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the media to project and promote the Palestine cause," they said. They asked all Muslim-world to unite against Israel over its aggression. They said all the world community is watching Israeli attacks peacefully as US is backing Israel. They said that champions of human rights including UNO, US and Britain are helpless before Israel over its aggression. They demanded for the holding of immediate OIC meeting over the issue. They slammed PPP-led government for giving awards to US diplomats. They said that such insensible acts had made Pakistan a laughing sock of the world. PTI committed to restoration of judiciary Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing's General Secretary Punjab Shamsa Ali has said that recent statements against Imran Khan showed that the rulers were uncomfortable with Khan's popularity. In a statement issued here on Monday, she said that the PTI was committed to the cause of reinstatement of the Chief Justice and independence of judiciary. Shamsa Ali said that the PPP leadership has ditched the nation on the promise made by Benazir Bhutto and instead bargained with the dictator in return for the NRO. She said that the PPP government was continuing the policies of Pervaiz Musharraf regime.