Pakistan was a nation state founded by men of vision, integrity and commitment led by Quaid e Azam M.A. Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and others who waged a political struggle that started in 1916 and led to creation of Pakistan in 1947. But right now, it is a state in crisis because of the failed leadership, and not because it is a failed state. Right from the start after the Quaid's demise, our first Constituent Assembly had failed to come up with a constitution as desired by Father of the Nation. That was followed by intrigues of civil and military bureaucracy, who sabotaged and derailed the democratic process. Pakistan was created through a democratic process in which neither the religious clergy nor the Muslim men in uniform had played any role. It was the fruit of a unique freedom movement led by politicians who waged a constitutional struggle to free themselves from economic domination of the Hindu majority. The Congress and its collaborators like the Unionists of Punjab that represented the Hindu and Muslim feudals and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, a conglomerate of mullahs, had opposed Pakistan through out. The crisis that Pakistan faces today is due to disruption of the democratic process in 50s, which led to weakening of state institutions like judiciary and the uniformed services which were corrupted by the rat race to acquire evacuee property by hook or by crook. It is this new class of neo rich men with their ill-gotten wealth and power, who joined hands with mercenaries within our civil and armed bureaucracy to wreck the foundations of the state. Despite all these intrigues, Pakistan has survived many a crisis. What we need is a duly elected government that exercises control over the administrative machinery with support of substantial segment of public opinion and establishes its writ through a constitutional rule. The onus of failure of the Pakistani state is on those who have been at helm of affairs since 1958 and have done nothing except corruption, abuse of power and trampling of the constitution. -MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, January 5.