ISLAMABAD " Dispelling the impression of National Assembly as rubber stamp Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that they believed in the supremacy of the Parliament and all the decisions would be taken in the House with consensus. Addressing the National Assembly on Monday soon after the adoption of unanimous resolution against Israeli aggression in Gaza, Premier Gilani said that Pakistan Peoples Party wanted to see political system rolling and for that reason they were taking all the stakeholders into confidence on all the major issues. The PM also dispelled the impression of rift between the Presidency and the Prime Minister House and said that both the offices were working in complete unison in accordance with the rules of business for strengthening the political system. He further said that the National Assembly was a people's representative institution and not a rubber stamp and held out an assurance that the government would uphold sovereignty and supremacy of the parliament and all decisions will be made by the Parliament. "There is no difference between me and President Asif Zardari. We together want to consolidate this system. We will continue to play our role for strengthening the parliament", he emphatically said. Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani while congratulating the Members on unanimously passing the resolution assured the House that the government would try to deliver food items and medicines to the affectees in Gaza. The whole House welcomed the Prime Minister's speech by thumping desks. Opposition benches also appreciated the speech. The Prime Minister once again took the floor after the speech of PML(N) MP Ayaz Amir to clarify the position regarding his statement on PML(N) participation in the lawyers' long march. Premier Gilani said that he had not shown indifference to the cause of independence of judiciary and had just said that the decision of participation in the lawyers' long march was the internal affair of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). "I have clearly said that it is their internal matter. We should not criticise it." The Prime Minister said that PML-N was an independent party and had its own manifesto and "if they decide to join lawyers' movement, it is their party affair." He further said that PPP was fully committed to the independence of judiciary and recalled the countless sacrifices for the supremacy of judiciary by the Pakistan Peoples Party in the recent past. He recalled that when emergency was imposed by the then President Pervez Musharraf, PPP Chairperson Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had directed him to lead the movement for restoration of deposed judges. "I led the movement. I was arrested and spent three nights at police station. Later my house was declared sub-jail," he said. The Prime Minister said his party had rendered a series of sacrifices and its workers laid down their lives in Karachi and Rawalpindi for the cause of democracy. Later, the House continued debate on the Presidential address to the Joint Sitting of the Parliament and PML(N) MP Ayaz Amir, Dr Atiya Anayatullah, Mohammad Usman, Salahuddin, Sardar Bahadur Ahmad Khan expressed their views on the speech and most of these MPs said that the government should come up with concrete structural changes in its working to make the system benevolent for the public at large. Ayaz Amir saw the incumbent system as a continuation of the previous government's policies, while Dr Atiya Anayatullah grilled President Zardari for not fulfilling the promises made in his speech.