KARACHI - The traffic jams in the city is going to become a predicament day after day for the general public and has amplified the troubles that our public faces during daily routine. There is lack of coordination between the city traffic police and the traffic police of Sindh. This communicative disruption can also be observed among the traffic police help line and the citizens. It is pertinent to mention that the traffic police help line 915, despite tremendous claims once again, has proved to be faked. They have nothing to do with any business of the citizens, as traffic situation remains critical in the city. They always proved their lack of professional skills, lack of motivation as how the traffic system to be run of a big metropolis city. There are dozens of resources that can be used to inform the people in any case of urgency, if traffic police high ups have vision to use the technology. Private TV channels, FM radios, dozens of web sites, leading Urdu and English daily news papers and number of mobile companies can be used for this purpose. It is worthy of note that M.A Jinnah road, which is the main artery that has been used by the citizens to link the central part of the metropolitan with the west part of the city, remains blocked for few hours from last few days. This is in the context of the rallies marching against the Israeli aggression in the Gaza strip. It is deplorable to say that the road is blocked during the peak hours, from midday to 6 in the evening. The traffic police have not taken any prior actions to avoid the traffic jams in these areas. It has largely distressed the lives of people living or using the road as their passage to their destination. "The situation is consequently bad and while trying to inquire about the traffic condition in the city, we get no information at all, as they themselves are unaware of it," said a citizen when asked about the performance of traffic police help line. "It's the duty of traffic Police and its help line to provide information regarding the condition of traffic in the city. But just like all other departments one can precisely imagine the situation," he added. These traffic jams have claimed many lives in the metropolitan. It is questionable that who is responsible for these deaths. These questions should be addressed without any further delay. The government should take substantial steps in order to resolve the issue regarding the traffic condition as well as the traffic police help line.