KARACHI - Due to Government intervention in rice purchase through TCP and Passco, rice prices have jumped by about 30 per cent in non-basmati and 23 per cent in basmati prices, this has made rice export practically to standstill, about 70pc leading rice mills in Punjab are not working and same situation would follow in Sindh. Rice exporters were seeking appointment with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani to brief him about the current rice scenario and the fear of Pakistan loosing its traditional rice markets to India. Appointment was given to REAP delegation for Saturday evening and then it was shifted to Sunday evening. Office-bearers and managing committee members arrived from upcountry and assembled at Karachi on Sunday but meeting could not take place due to other engagements of Prime Minister. Delegation's purpose was to meet the PM and get TCP tenders scrapped which if don't can have negative effects to rice export sector. REAP wants to draw the attention of the Government that rice exporters are loosing heavily due to rising markets, closure of mills and high interest components, Government should attend this matter as soon as possible, as foreign buyers are reluctant to buy due to TCP purchase and if immediate attention is not given to this grave matter than Pakistani rice exporters will suffer a big blow and the beneficiary will be other rice exporting countries.