CLASHES between militants and armed forces in Mohmand agency, following a cross-border raid by a group of 600 Afghan rebels on Sunday, have left more than 48 militants dead. Seven soldiers have also died in the raid. This is for the first time that an attack on the Army on such a scale has been launched from across the border and must be condemned. There are reports that the attackers were joined by local tribesman which indicates that the resentment against the government on account of armed action has been rising. For years Mohmand Agency had been a peaceful area, but for couple of months back there have been signs of extremist activity. However, the situation should be dealt with carefully. Armed action to rein in insurgents should be made only on actionable intelligence. The Army should target only a small number of misled extremist elements while avoiding civilian losses as much as possible. There are already hundreds of thousands of homeless civilians from the Bajaur Agency living in temporary shelters. Any use of brute force in the Mohmand Agency, or anywhere else for that matter, would lead to a similar situation.