LAHORE-President, PML (Q) Ch. Shujaat Hussain has said that 'Q' League is ready to work for PML unification on the basis of equality if Majid Nizami plays role of a mediator. He was speaking at the second session of 103rd Foundation Day celebrations of Muslim League, organised by Nazria Pakistan Foundation in collaboration with Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust on Monday. Editor-in-Chief, TheNation, Majid Nizami presided over the ceremony. Ch. Shujaat thanked Majid Nizami for giving him personal invitation and providing him with an opportunity to speak at the forum. He said Majid Nizami had never changed his conviction during past 60 years and he was still firm on it for which we salute him. Ch. Shujaat said that PML was an ideological party whether in govt or in Opposition or in factions and he belonged to Muslim Leaguers family. He said that PML was the saviour of Pakistan and can guarantee its security. 'People trust PML because they know it will not compromise on solidarity of Pakistan', he added. He remembered when PML had won with heavy mandate in 1997, and a ceremony had been held at a hotel in Islamabad where the speakers had flattered former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif with different titles but he in his speech had advised Mian Sahib to stay away from hypocrites and flatterers and not to use word 'I' in every matter but unfortunately he did not act. He said he gave similar advice to former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. Ch. Shujaat said that he kept the Muslim League alive after October 12th, 1999 and instead of doing nothing and remaining in isolation, the PML decided to play its role. He said on Dec 10, 2000 he did not know about deal between Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif but before this deal, the PML (N) expelled him (Shujaat), Mian Azhar and Ejazul Haq despite opposition by some senior members of (N). Nawaz Sharif left the country along with his family leaving no choice to keep the party alive in a difficult situation. 'We organised the party and took part in the elections and won and celebrated the year of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah', he said. Ch. Shujaat said two opportunities of unification of Muslim League particularly after Feb. 18 elections had been lost. 'The attitude of Nawaz Sharif could not help unification ,otherwise, he could have become President of Pakistan'. 'The other opportunity was Presidential elections. Mian Sahib sent a delegation of three members only to press us to withdraw our candidate. They did not talk of unification. At this occasion, we questioned about unification but the delegation said it would be a CBM first', he added. Later, they fielded a judge in the election who did not have support and carried his campaign single-handedly. On the other hand he and Mushahid launched a proper campaign, disclosed the PML(Q) chief. He said he did not want to reply to Nawaz Sharif for his sarcastic remarks and he himself asked for a mediator. He said Pervaiz Elahi fully protected the interests of Mian family and its assets when he was the then CM Punjab and never indulged in any vendetta. He said he had made it clear to Nizami Sahib that unification must not be aimed at saving somebody's chair or to take a chair but it should unite PML factions on the basis of its ideology. 'Nawaz Sharif should also change his attitude and create the favourable atmosphere and restrain from victimisation of our workers'. He said he wanted to see PML as a political family and rise above person for ideology's sake. 'We are ready to unite in a respectful way', he added. 'It should not be on the basis of 'nazria zaroorat' but on the basis of PML ideology. This is time of unity of not only PML but all parties and people. Muslims are being oppressed and we need a leadership'.