Move over Warren Buffett, theres a new stockpicker in town - and he has just made $10m (6.4m) almost overnight. After rapper 50 Cent unveiled a new brand of headphones bearing his name last week, the former drug dealer, whose album Get Rich or Die Tryin went multi-platinum, used Twitter to tell his 3.8m followers to buy stock in the marketing company - a business he partly owns. H?&?H Imports has one of the 15 products this year. If you get in technically I work for you. BIG MONEY, he tweeted. 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, added that the stock went from 5cent to 10 in one day. You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford. His follower s evidently took his advice: 9.24m shares were traded in two days and the value increased tenfold. Being a financial adviser is not, of course, 50 Cents first gig. Long before he started out as a Billboard chart-topping rapper, he was a teenage crack dealer in Queens, New York. And since his first album went sextuple platinums success he has moved constantly to new industries. He started a record label, G-Note. He started a clothing line, G-Unit Clothing Company, which in 2003 partnered with Reebok. Then in 2005 he made his acting debut in a biopic of his childhood - called, unsurprisingly, Get Rich or Die Tryin. He bought 10% of an energy drink company, Glaceau, producer of Vitaminwater and Smartwater. When Coca Cola bought Glaceau for $4.1bn in cash in 2007, 50 Cent brought home more than $400m. Guadian