The prestigious American Journal Science of 17-12-2010 has stated that the economic progress of China is directly related to 80 percent of its legislators and rulers being engineers and scientists that was the mainspring of its historic rise to glory and world domination. It may be mentioned that Pakistan and China achieved freedom almost at the same time but Pakistan is a sad example of poor governance with 298 of its legislators having incomplete and doubtful educational qualifications according to Election Commission. So much so that one Chief Minister of a province had declared that degree is a degree whether genuine or fake. The unbelievable events like appointment of a matriculate as head of OGDC and a Law Minister with a doubtful Doctorate degree from a dubious University are only a tip of the ice berg. The marvelous development of China like the three Gorges dam that provides 18600 MW of power and irrigation water to 30 percent crops of China is the result of technocratic rulers with the Prime Minister being an Irrigation Engineer at one time. Pakistan lags behind due to such rulers who cannot even recite Surah Ikhlas properly what to say of worldly knowledge. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 12.