LAHORE A cell has been formed in the Chief Minister Secretariat to look after the implementation of the CMs initiatives for proactive governance. This cell will contact the citizens who have received any government service and find out if they faced any corruption. The Punjab Government has contracted a Call Centre which shall send SMS messages and make calls to a large number of citizens to find out facts about their interaction. If patterns of corruption are found, strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the involved officials and the immediate supervisory officers. Citizen awareness is an important part of any effort to fight corruption. In this respect, the CMs Secretariat has forwarded necessary instructions to all District Coordination Officers to take following steps. The fliers prepared by Punjab Information Technology Board must be handed out to every citizen who receives the service where this model is being applied and his cell number should be obtained. Banners at the site should communicate to the citizen that they must carefully record their cell numbers and that they should anticipate a call from the government to find out if they suffered any corruption. Citizen should also be duly informed that they should anticipate such a call. Local cable TV channels should be involved to communicate the process and the intention of this project at the local level. Meanwhile, in a letter sent to DCOs of various districts where the pro-active feedback model is being adopted to issue instructions to all field officers that in transactions like property registration, Waseeka Nawees must not be allowed to transact business with the property registration office on behalf of the citizen/buyer. The Waseeka Naweess role, if used, must be limited to preparation of documents. The citizen should interact directly with government officials, unless a citizen facilitation centre, like the being established in Gujranwala district, so that no ambiguity remains about who received illegal gratification, if any. A schedule of payment of services of the Waseeka Nawees (or domicile agent) must be issued to increase transparency in the transaction. A receipt must be issued to every citizen who receives any service where he or she is required to pay any fee or tax. Meanwhile, MPs from various districts met the Chief Minister on Wednesday, and apprised him of ongoing development activities and the problems of the people of their respective areas. Talking to the parliamentarians, the CM said the aim of progress and prosperity could not be realised without education.