MOHSIN ALI ISLAMABAD - The delay in verdict regarding the hearing on cases against three Pakistani cricketers, including M Aamir, M Asif and Salman Butt, has surely established one thing that by one way or the other they are innocents. The ICC even after having the services of the world's best intelligence agency Scotland Yard has so far failed to prove anything against these three players despite the lapse of so many months. The claim that the players are innocent has further got strength with the tribunal, headed by Commissioner Michael Beloff having experience of heading anti-corruption units in Olympics Games, failing to reach any conclusion with regard to deciding the fate of the three accused players. Being a highly experienced man in dealing with corruption cases, Michael Beloff must understand that the said players have done nothing wrong and were dragged into this controversy by ICC in its so-called tough stand against corruption in cricket. On one hand they completely ignore Australian and Indian cricketers who had done more serious violations than the others but all those went unchecked right under the nose of ICC just because of their cricket Boards tough stand who stood by their players but in Pakistani players case no one dared to voice their concern in these players' support. It is the moral and national duty of the PCB Chairman to stand by the players who until now have fought their cases on their own, but now it is the PCB's turn to extend all-out support to these players and make it clear to ICC Pakistan will include these players in all the major events including the World Cup which is scheduled to be held from February in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. PCB must not let the ICC or any other body interfere in Pakistan cricket affairs, all these bodies only want to destroy Pakistan cricket because they can't handle these players in the grounds so they have decided to ruin these players' carriers by using these unfair means. It was the responsibility of The News of The World to provide evidence against these three players rather then planting stories. PCB and these players must have sue News of the World so in future no one dare to drag Pakistan team or any of its members in these self created cases. The time is ripe for PCB to take stand for its players. The ICC just want to buy time until the World Cup to stop Pakistan from having the services of these three players as two of them, M Aamir and M Asif, are the backbone of Pakistan bowling attack otherwise the verdict against these players must have come on Tuesday. If at any stage the ICC tribunal would be able to find out any wrongdoing by these players then the ICC can suspend them or punish them accordingly, which is responsible for the financial loss of these players. All of them earn their bread and butter by only playing cricket and after the lapse of more than six months it is becoming difficult for them to survive in this situation. Therefore, these players should be allowed to play for their respective clubs and for the country.