A JUDGE has stripped Conrad Murray of his state medical licence after ruling that prosecutors have enough evidence to try the doctor for manslaughter in the death of the pop singer Michael Jackson. Judge Michael Pastor of the Los Angeles County Superior Court said on Tuesday night that testimony in a six-day hearing on Dr Murrays treatment of Jackson had persuaded him that allowing the cardiologist to keep his licence would endanger the public. Prosecutors had shown 'a direct nexus and connection between the acts and omissions of Dr Murray and the homicide in this case, Judge Pastor said. His decision to send the case to trial had been widely expected but Dr Murrays defence strongly contested the suspension of his licence. One of his lawyers called it a 'nuclear option that could destroy the 57-year-olds ability to support his family and mount a criminal defence. Dr Murray was licensed in California, Texas and Nevada, but did not practise in California, his lawyer said. As part of his ruling, the judge gave the doctor 24 hours to inform medical authorities in the two other states that the court had suspended his California licence until the conclusion of the criminal case. SMH