ISLAMABAD Police checkpoints were established in the Federal Capital to combat the increasing menace of terrorism and for maintaining the rule of law, but the police officials have not been provided with the necessary facilities to avert any untoward incident. Sophisticated weapons, sniffer dogs, security mirrors, metal detectors and large-size scanners, vehicles with advanced technology are key tools to control and minimise the security threats and terrorist activities. However, observers were of the views that Islamabad Police were lacking such sort of facilities that might cause huge security breach in the Capital. Despite the fact the high profile officials reside in the Capital and the present security arrangements are insufficient. The higher authorities need to open their eyes in time to avoid any untoward incident in the Federal Capital. From dawn to dusk, policemen work hard to perform their duties but that is not more than anything but a mere practice as they lack the said facilities to detect and check vehicles carrying explosives and weapons. Most of the time it was observed that policemen stopped a vehicle to verify documents, meanwhile dozens of other vehicles and motorcycles cross the checkpoint that is evident deficiency in the security system. However, the placement of scanner on checkpoints is the only way to ensure the security through screening the vehicles. This also endorsed that there is no proper mechanism to control and check the logistics activities of the terrorists who believe that the sitting regime was pro-American as they have stated this many times. This also draws the attention towards Interior Minister who has claimed that in the Capital foolproof security arrangements have been made. On the other side the policemen deployed on the checkpoints have been given only card inscribed with STOP and in the night time just a torch has been given to them to ensure security on entry and exit points of the Capital. Neither the cards nor a torch contains metal detectors to check and expose the explosive material and weapons. Experts were of the views that just increase in the salary packages of the policemen cannot prevent and minimise the security threats. The Government needs to provide high-standard equipment and trainings to the police so that they can effectively respond to the menace of terrorism and anti-social elements. Lack of resources will keep the security officials unable to protect the lives of high-profile officials in the Capital. This negligence of the authorities and high-ups of Islamabad Police had endangered the lives of citizens and dignitaries. Though current scenario of sectarianism & terrorism has made duty for the police more challenging. In scruffy weather of Islamabad, policemen spend their nights under the open sky, protecting the people from thieves, dacoits, robbers & criminals. When people are sleeping in their houses with great comfort and ease, these ever-vigilant eyes spend their nights on roads in chilly weather without weatherproof uniform. Talking to The Nation, Ali Afzal Shagri former IG said snap checking was the only way to curb the activities of the criminals. This is the time that massive investment is required in the law and enforcement sector. The Government needs to ensure placement of state-of-the-art security equipment in the city to avoid any untoward incident. Metal detectors, scanners and others security equipments are very much necessary and it should be done at the earliest, he added. He said patrolling system of the police is needed to be improved on the lines as it has improved in the Karachi. Tracker and maps must be installed in the police vehicles. The movement of the vehicles should be monitored through a control room, as it will be helpful to stop the misuse the vehicles, he maintained. When The Nation contacted Syed Kaleem Imam, Inspector General Islamabad Police, he said no doubt Islamabad Police lack security equipment compared to rest of the countries. Despite that the cops were performing security duties. If resources are given to the police department, the police can ensure foolproof security of the Capital. However, We are proud of our policemen. Their courageous role to protect citizens in Islamabad has won hearts of people. They have lived up to expectations, the IGP added.