The American pastor who ignited international outrage after announcing plans to burn the holy Quran now says he wants to put Islam's most revered book on trial, according to US media reports. Pastor Terry Jones wants to hold an event inside his small church in Gainesville , Florida, and judge the Islamic holy book. "My first reaction was, 'Here we go again,'" said Imam Muhammad Musri, from the Islamic Society of Central Florida. Musri played a big role in trying to help diffuse the tense situation Jones created in September after announcing his plans for "International Burn a Quran Day." "What Terry Jones has done in the past, and is attempting to do again, is to incite violence," said Musri. A Gainesville police representative told News 13 channel they are "very aware" of Pastor Jones' newest plans, and have sent officers to speak with him. "He's trying to stir a pot," said Musri. "The issue became a very political issue," said Lawrence Walters, a First Amendment lawyer. "The media spotlight shined very brightly on Pastor Jones and his church." The media attention, according to Imam Musri, is what Jones wants the most. "I think the media should deny him that attention, because there's nothing good he's trying to say," said Musri. "He's trying to create controversy." Musri said Jones' freedom of speech comes with a high price: It hurts the U.S. image across the world. Pastor Jones and his church sparked worldwide controversy last year when he announced a plan to burn 200 copies of the holy Quran on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Leaders of various faiths condemned his plan and even US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates called Jones and urged him to cancel the event because of worry that the action would endanger U.S. troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Jones backed off on the threat two days before the scheduled burning. But this time he says he will go ahead with his trial of the holy Quran. "Yes, we're going to do it," Jones said on a YouTube address announcing the event. "We have decided to do it on March 20 starting at 6 p.m. It's your opportunity, all you so-called peaceful Muslims. On that day the Quran will be put on trial. He said he is accusing the Quran of "being responsible for terrorist activities all over the world." Basically, it's a trial, he told a Tampa Bay audience a local radio Wednesday morning. Judgment day will take place on the grounds of his church. "We are challenging the Muslim world to defend the Quran, he said on the radio show. "They say the Quran is a book of peace and a religion of peace," he said. "We are asking them to present to us a defence person who will try to defend the Quran." He said a jury of about 30 people, made up of Christians and Muslims, will decide.