PCB has become a source of national shame for this unfortunate nation, because of its failures and cronyism. It was PCBs failure to enforce indiscipline by refusing to take concrete action against few players and officials accused of involvement in irregular activities and links with cricket betting mafia, which led to ICCs interference. Normally it is the function of respective national cricket boards of ICC member states, to take disciplinary action against players or officials, while the ICC only acts as the monitoring agency. We are the first cricket playing nation, whose players are being tried by ICC for allegations of match or spot fixing. This shameful role of PCB, is reflective of the role of this government, which has refused to take any action against its nominated officials heading state corporations, in spite of public outcry and media exposure of major scams. This inaction of the government forced the Supreme Court to take Suo Motto notice. In line with almost all functionaries appointed by this regime, PCB also refused to take note of complaints. This obstinacy to protect those committing fraud, defy public opinion forced the ICC to take matters into their hands and today our sovereign status as a cricket playing nation stands compromised by Mr Ijaz Butts incompetence and abetment of those involved in fraud. His preference of officials to serve as manager, assistant manager, coach, selectors etc, who had a history of allegations leveled against them, points to PCBs incapacity to enforce discipline. Who is not aware of the links between a federal minister from Sialkot, and a cricketer from that city, or the links between the former manager and assistant manager and key political players, or family members of PCB Chairmans in-laws. SHAMSUDDIN MIAN, Lahore, January 12.