LAHORE With majority of vote, the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday passed Motor Vehicles, Global Institute and Leads University bills, and referred Trusts, Transfer of Property, Partition, Employment of Children, employment (Record of Services), and Punjab Holy Quran (Printing and Recording) amendments bills to the standing committees concerned, which will submit their reports within one month. In contrast to previous days, the Treasury did well in keeping the House quorate, and the day of pretty heavy official legislation went comparatively smoothly. Pending legislation was of the provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2010 was passed and Opposition lost its proposed amendments to voting. The amendment aimed at increasing compensation amount in case of death and any fatal injury. As per this amendment, which was made after 32 years, in case of accidental death the deceased family will be paid Rs 2,50,000. Similarly in case of loss of both eyes, Rs 140,000, both legs Rs 140,000, arm at or above the elbow Rs 65,000 or at below the elbow as Rs 50,000, legs above the knee Rs 65,000 or below the knee Rs 50,000, in case of losing permanent hearing Rs 65,000 and for permanent disfiguration of the face or head Rs 50,000. The maximum limit of compensation payable for more than one injury will be Rs 140,000. The Opposition was of the considered opinion compensation for the accidental death was insufficient. It also maintained that the bill was finalised in one sitting only sans bringing none of the stakeholders on board. Public opinion is compulsory before putting the bill in the House, it opined, which was rejected by Law Minister Rana Sanaullah asserting that it was comprehensive. The statement and objectives of the bill says that the existing Thirteenth Schedule was inserted in 1970 and substituted in 1978. After the lapse of a period of about 32 years, it is very much advisable rather inevitable to revise the amount of compensation in case of death or injury to passengers, particularly in the wake of increasing road accidents. The limit for filing of an appeal is also required to be enhanced necessitating amendment in section 67-E. The House also passed the Global Institute Lahore Bill (2010) with a majority of the voice vote. The Opposition proposed no amendment for this. The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says that the case for grant of charter was discussed in a number of meetings by Accreditation Committee. The sponsors of the Global Institute have fulfilled the conditions imposed by Accreditation Committee and submitted the requisite documents. All the pre-requisites for grant of charter to the Global Institute Lahore have been fulfilled. The house also passed the Lahore Leads University Bill 2010 (Bill No 17 of 2010) with majority of voice votes. The statement of objects and reasons says that the Leads educators Trust of the Lahore Leads University applied to the government for the grant of Charter / Degree Awarding Status in the private sector. The University can award degrees in the faculties of Faculty of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Banking Finance, Faculty of Management Sciences and Faculty of Commerce. The house passed the three official businesses in very smooth way. Rana Sana moved the Trusts (Amendment) Bill 2011, the Transfer of Property (Amendment) Bill 2011, the Partition (Amendment) Bill 2011, the Employment of Children (Amendment) Bill 2011, the Employment (Record and Services) (Amendment) Bill 2011 and the Punjab Holy Quran (Printing and Recording) Bill 2011, which were referred to the standing committees concerned. The Treasury members also congratulated the Law Minister for the completion of the legislation. After the completion of the agenda, the Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan adjourned the House till Thursday 10am.