The students community in FATA intends to bring to the notice of the PM, President and the concerned authorities, the state of injustice prevailing in the region. Apart from the present catastrophic spate of drone attacks and also militants activities, the tribesmen continue to suffer the most. Like in the past, the FATA students once again call for a judicious allocation of quota in all federal services. They justify their demands on the following grounds. The national census has not been properly conducted in FATA due to the following hurdles. First, due to decades of ignorance, people of FATA usually dont take interest in providing the required information about their actual strength of family members. Second, by virtue of some social and traditional taboos, male members dont enlist the names and other information of their female family members. Three, the census personnel face problems in reaching over to the dispersed population in the mountainous landscape of FATA. By rationalizing quota in federal services, the people of FATA would be compensated as they have lost their basic economic infrastructure in the ongoing war on terror. Due to backwardness and unemployment, the people of FATA are more vulnerable to the extremist indoctrination. By providing them with jobs they would be successfully rescued from this troublesome situation. By addressing their grievances, their hearts and minds would be won and their support would be gained in the ongoing war on terror. RAHIM MEHSUD and PROF. ASMATULLAH, Karachi, January 12.