LAHORE- City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has asked the Pakistan Cricket Control Board and Punjab Sports Board to prepare a master plan in order to retrieve land and evacuate property, owned by the board adjacent to the Qaddafi Stadium from the occupants, TheNation has learnt. While insiders informed this scribe that the notices on behalf of district administration for evacuation of such government land and property are underway to be served to the occupants. However, it also was learnt that such property and land was leased out by the board to different government departments, owners of petrol pumps and plant nurseries some decade ago, and some of them later refused to pay outstanding dues to the Sports Board and carried out their business by occupying the land in violation of contract terms and despite expiry of lease contract. PCCB and PSB, after failure in retrieving of unlawfully occupied land, evacuation of other buildings and clearance of outstanding dues from such institutes, government departments, owners of fuel stations and nurseries requested the provincial government to help them in this regard because the occupants are resourceful and influential persons, the insiders added. However, the government while taking notice of the issue directed the District Administration to resolve the issue of retrieval of land adjacent to Qaddafi Stadium and National Hockey Stadium as soon as possible, they said, adding, that on which, Commissioner Lahore Division directed DCO Ahad Cheema to help the Sports Board in this regard and resolve the issue but in consultation with them. The Commissioner further directed the Secretary Sports and District Administration to work on the plan in collaboration with each other so that such precious land, allotted to the board by the government for the promotion of sports only could be retrieved from undesired elements and departments, they added. Further, CDG authorities asked the PCCB and Sports Board to prepare a master plan according to their desires and needs. Only then CDG authorities would be able to help them according to such plan regarding retrieving of land and evacuation of property, they further added. They said that such issue and conflict between the Board and occupants is decades old and could not be resolved easily. However, District Administration would have to face resistance from the occupants during the operation for the retrieval in case it launched because the occupants earlier gave tough time to the other bodies in this regard. However, District Coordination Officer Ahad Cheema said while talking to this scribe that CDG authorities would only follow the master plan, prepared by the PCCB and Sports Board and only those buildings and land would be retrieved, which sports bodies would mark in their master plan but according to the relevant laws and after serving notices for evacuation. However, District Administration did not serve any notice in this regard so far, he added. He said that offices of government departments and land under the possession of lessees and other buildings adjustable according to boards master plan would not be retrieved or vacated whereas the authorities would force them to clear all the outstanding dues if they wanted to continue business at such sites.