LAHORE Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed has advised his coalition partner to desist the temptation of encouraging turncoats, and this suggestion was more than enough to initiate another tit for tat argument and verbal onslaught among the pro-democracy bigwigs of political outfits sitting on warring benches of the Punjab Assembly. At the PA floor after completion of agenda on Wednesday, Raja Riaz stood on point of order and started praising his party leadership for showing political wisdom by accepting 10 point agenda of PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif. While turning guns towards unification bloc of PML-Q, he said these turncoats were delighted over the differences between coalition partners and hoping for getting control of public offices. The PML-Q leadership used to make announcement of changing loyalties of PML-N legislator at press conferences. PPP and Rana Sanaullah jointly struggled against those encouraging and patronizing turncoats in the past regime. This undemocratic tactics suit dictators and those getting benefits from them. I advise Rana Sanaullah and his party leadership to avoid patronizing deserters of Q-League, Raja Riaz said. Responding to the remarks and suggestion of the senior minister, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said PML-N always invited unification bloc members as honourable legislators of the PA and offered them lunch. A PCO Chief Justice got PML-N leadership disqualified in a bid to change government in the province. It was PPP and not PML-N that tried to get support of unification bloc members during the Governors Rule in the province. Raja Riaz himself claimed support of over 200 MPAs. Unification bloc stood with the PML-N and struggled against the undemocratic forces. PML-Q is not a party but a lota league, Rana Sanauulah said, adding, for curbing the menace of turncoat it was necessary to eliminate mother of this evil. I appreciate unification bloc members for waging war against mother of turncoats. People rejected turncoats in February 18 elections and unification bloc will kill the remaining including the mother. Opposition leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din said that the law minister made two contradictory statements. On the one hand, the PML-N waged jehad against turncoats. At the same time, it is patronizing and appreciating unification bloc. The mother of turncoat is that who took the legislators to Changa Manga. Turncoat is a turncoat whether made in 1988 or after that. If Rana Sanaullah wants to end the menace of turncoats, he should focus on own party leadership. I appreciate PPP for looking toward party leadership instead of making turncoats to get the required number of parliamentarians, he said. Ch Zaheer-ud-Din advised PML-N to follow the same suit and contact party leadership instead of carrying out the previous practice of making turncoats.