ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Textile Industry Rana Farooq Saeed Khan has said that textiles export witnessed an increase of 22.37 percent during the first half (July-December) of the current fiscal year against the same period of last financial year mainly due to prompt implementation of the Textile Policy. The substantial growth in textiles export was possible due to the various initiatives launched by the Ministry of Textile Industry since making the Textile Policy. Textile Policy chalked out in 2009 is now steering the textile sector in right direction as it can be seen by the sustained growth in textile exports for the last two years the Minister said in a statement. The textiles commodities registered growth in first half of the ongoing fiscal year include export of raw cotton increased by 11.91 percent, of cotton yarn by 17.80 percent, yarn other than cotton yarn by 15.43 percent, cotton cloth by 27.87 percent, towels by 7.32 percent, hosiery and knitwear by 20.67 percent, ready made garments by 33.09 percent and of synthetic fabrics by 76.43 percent. He also said that an amount of Rs 4825 million has been allocated against various support schemes of Textile Ministry containing an additional allocation of Rs 200 million for 'Export Finance Mark-up Rate Facility scheme. Moreover, a request has been sent to SBP to immediately disburse the above-mentioned amount of funds against the claims.