ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Wednesday made it clear to the US that it would not become a part of any new American great game in relation to its forces announced withdrawal from Afghanistan starting from July this year. Officials requesting anonymity told The Nation that Islamabad had also conveyed to the visiting US Vice-President Joe Biden that neither politically nor strategically it suited Pakistan to open up any new war front in North Waziristan Agency. Biden, who held separate meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and COAS Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, assured the Pakistani leadership that the US fully respected sovereignty of Pakistan. He assured Pakistan that there would be no boots on the ground. He also dismissed Pakistans apprehensions about US-sponsored foreign intervention thorough Afghanistan. Acknowledging Pakistans legitimate apprehensions, the visiting dignitary made it clear that the US wanted Pakistans key role in bringing peace in Afghanistan. He rather acknowledged Pakistans apprehensions about foreign intervention through Afghanistan as legitimate. Terming these meetings as extremely useful high-level consultation, the sources said that both the sides discussed how to proceed forward on matters related to Afghanistan. They opined that the US was interested in finding out Pakistans bottom line and its intentions regarding Afghanistan. They said both sides also discussed possibilities of Afghan Talibans future political role and agreed that if they disassociated themselves from al Qaeda and would be acceptable, at all The US Vice-President arrived in Islamabad after two days in Kabul, where he said Pakistan needed to do more to help the US in its battle against Taliban and other militants in Afghanistan as it prepares to withdraw its troops from there. Earlier, addressing a joint Press conference with Premier Gilani following their one on one meeting at the Prime Ministers House, Biden rejected misperceptions that the US planned to impose any war on Pakistan as part of its counter-terrorism fight against al Qaeda. He reassured that the US wanted to forge long-term strategic partnership with Pakistan. A stable, prosperous and democratic Pakistan was in the interests of the US, the US Vice-President said. Calling the Pak-US relationship absolutely vital, he said that was what he had experienced in his capacity as member of Foreign Relations Committee during his 30-year long interaction with Pakistani leadership. He said it was an opportunity for him to do away with some misperceptions about US-Pakistan relations. He said his countrys aspirations for Pakistan was to see it a developed and a prosperous country. I want the grandchildren of Pakistan and US not to find in future the articles on terrorism. I want the Pakistani scientists to accomplish Nobel peace prizes, he said. The US Vice-President said due to US interest to forge deeper relations with Pakistan, it had set up a large educational system for Pakistanis and demonstrated this by actions during the last seven years by initiating numerous projects. He said the US was working in partnership with Pakistani Government and had increased security cooperation. Biden pointed out that during the last summers devastating floods in Pakistan, the US made extensive support for relief and rehabilitation. This is what the partners do for partners, he added. About misconception regarding US disrespect towards Islam, the US Vice-President said the situation was in fact quite the opposite as the Muslim Americans freely practised their religion in the US. He attempted to dispel what he called common anti-American misperceptions in Pakistan while urging the government to fight growing religious extremism. He said Islam was the fastest growing religion in the US and mentioned President Barack Obamas statement in a Muslim-populated area that Islam is a part of America. I would challenge to name any other country in the world which provides greater freedom of worship. We are not the enemies of Islam and we embrace those who practice this great religion, he said. He said a large number of people were converting to Islam in America. Biden called Amna Taseer, the widow of the slain governor, to express his condolences on behalf of the president and the American people. Biden said militancy in Pakistan was a threat to both countries, adding that Islamabads efforts against militants were not enough. Militant groups have exploited grievances, exacerbated by US drone attacks in the west of the country, to build support. He said President Barrack Obama, he and his countrymen were saddened over the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, adding that there was no justification for such senseless act against a person who raised voice for tolerance. While offering condolences over Taseers killing on behalf of President Obama, he said that societies needed tolerance to grow. The governor was killed simply because he was a voice of tolerance and understanding, he said. As you know all too well ... societies that tolerate such actions end up being consumed by those actions, he said, urging Pakistan for NWA operation Biden said militancy in Pakistan was a threat to both countries, adding that Islamabads efforts against militants were not enough. In his opening remarks, Prime Minister Gilani thanked the US administration for its extra-ordinary contribution to the relief and rehabilitation efforts for the people and areas affected by the recent unprecedented floods in the country.