The Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali Khan on Friday submitted a resolution before the National Assembly on Friday in favour of the democratic government.

The resolution has stressed upon the supremacy of the Parliament. Wali's resolution will be voted on next week, on Jan 16 (Monday).

The resolution said the Parliament is people's representative. The word political leaders after removing words of confidence on the Prime Minister and the President from the draft were placed.

The resolution said that all institutions of the state should have to work within in their constitutional limits.  The NA session was now adjourned till Monday evening.

Earlier Speaker Fehmida Mirza chaired meeting of National Assembly House Business Advisory Committee.

Tabling a resolution in National Assembly in favour of PM Gilani and President Zardari has been complicated as opposition thoroughly ponders upon the matter.

During meeting of House Business Advisory Committee, government and opposition members discussed the resolution’s draft to be tabled in the National Assembly in favour of President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani.

After detailed discussion consensus could not develop to present resolution in the NA. The PPP Chief Whip Syed Khurshid Shah said that opposition has not been apprised about submission of resolution, draft will be handed over to the opposition before tabling it in the NA.

On the other hand, PML-N Chief Whip Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said there is no possibility of tabling resolution and government has sought extra time.

According to sources, government will consult further with coalition and opposition members on the resolution. On this, House Business Advisory Committee decided to continue NA session till January 20.

Text of the resolution: “This House believes that the present democratic dispensation‚ which is about to complete four years‚ came in to being as a result of great sacrifices rendered by the people of Pakistan. This House reiterates the belief of the democratic forces that the future of Pakistan and well being of its people lies in the continuation and strengthening of democratic institutions and constitutionalism for the resolution of national issues‚ strengthening of the federation and empowering the people of Pakistan.

This House believes that for the furtherance of democracy and democratic institutions the basic constitutional principle of trichotomy of powers must be fully respected and adhered to and all state institutions must strictly function within the limits imposed on them by the Constitution. This House reiterates that sovereignty lies with the people of Pakistan and the parliament is the repository of the collective wisdom of the people. This House endorses and supports the efforts made by the political leadership for strengthening democracy and reposes full confidence and trust in them.”