LAHORE – The City observed several gridlocks on different leading arteries mainly due to poor road-planning of the City Traffic Police on Thursday. The Provincial Capital also witnessed bumper-to-bumper movement on important roads including main Ferozepur Road, Jail Road, The Mall, Multan Road, Samanabad Road, Railway Road, Eik Moriya Pull, Chuburji Road, MAO College Road etc.

The worst traffic jam was observed in front of the office of Chief Traffic Officer SSP Captain (r) Ahmed Mobin near Islamia College Civil Lines.

It may be noted here, the CTO Ahmed Mobin and the City’s Operation Police Chief DIG Ghulam Mahmood Dogar have blocked one lane in front of their offices since long, due to terror threat. “This is the main hurdle owing to which traffic is always blocked on this road and the entire vehicular activities and traffic coming from Multan Road and Niazi Adda is suspended on this point,” a motorist told this reporter.

The motorists were seemed openly abusing traffic wardens and the helpless traffic officers remained busy in having gossips with each other on several points. A bike-rider, who traveled from Safanwala Chowk to Anarkali and culminated to Hamdard Centre, told this reporter that he covered the distance within two hours which is commonly covered within 15 minutes.

He said traffic police high-up have nothing to do but to make big claims on televisions, and misguide common citizens.

Meanwhile, after realising the worst traffic jams across the City, the CTO Ahmed Mobin left his office and appeared in front of Punjab Civil Secretariat to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

A traffic official claimed that the CTO’s vehicle itself stuck into the traffic mess and his subordinates scarcely rescued the big boss’s official car. He, however, directed the traffic force to establish diversions on various points and restore vehicular activities as soon as possible.

The CTO also appealed to the citizens to make habit of listening to traffic police FM88.8 before starting their journey.